18. Januar 2021
Buy Stone Walls

Buy a Stone Wall

Mediterrane Steinwand Marsalla

Buy stone wall - yes, but which ?

Stone wall for the living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Alas, it is not easy. From stone wallpaper which is the cheapest variant a stone wall representation, makes many the decision not easier.

Well there are 2 variants with us.

Stone wall with stone veneer

Stone veneer bricks are concrete blocks that are mixed with concrete in powder form using oxide paints to create a perfect imitation of stone.

Now from the hardware store to the tiler, there are many suppliers.

I can not help you decide, but I will give you some information.

Well stone walls with stone facing differ in the first step in how heavy they are per m².

Each stone facing in our company has at least 40 kg. This shows that no fillers and no plaster or other materials are used.

Another important point is that the stone is colored throughout and is not painted. Every painted stone is different on the back side.

In addition, it is important that there are corner solutions for stone walls. Real 90 degree corners create a real appearance for the stone wall.

The adhesive is also important. A real facing stone needs only a tile adhesive and not an adhesive on dispersion or other composition.

Real needs real materials.

Stone wall with stone panels.

Breathable stone panels prevent mold growth on walls.

Incombustible stone panels bring a safety and show of 100% mineral structure.

Polyester materials always burn, and most importantly, they produce a very high smoke, which our stone panels do not have at all.

Our ingredients are cement, quartz sand, lecaton and glass. No polyester or other non-decomposable materials.

Now another consideration here is that stone walls you want to buy also sometimes should not have too high weight and thickness of construction.

10 kg per m² and 1-3 cm are standard for stone walls you want to buy.

Modular stone panels means that the panels are interlocked and fit into each other exactly, without having to model stones. This can sometimes make a significant difference in appearance when installed. It should also look good when you choose a stone wall.

And individual color design with us means that you can design your stone wall exactly so that the stone wall also fits into your home.

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