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At Gewena Stone Manufaktur we produce wall panels of the highest quality: our walls look classy, are flame retardant, breathable and environmentally friendly. On the one hand, this sets us apart from the polyester models otherwise available on the market. On the other hand, it allows us to offer our customers unique wall panels for interior and exterior use. Our wide range of wall panels includes various brick walls, stone walls, rock walls, design walls, modern walls and wooden walls. If you have any other wishes regarding the design of your wall, we will gladly accept the challenge!

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Gewena stands for environmental protection

Our entire production process runs without chemistry

No pollution because we produce our own solar power

We use only mineral products up to the point of disposal

All our paints are silicate colors

We recycle our water and waste glass

No sand mining, we only use glass as a component

The Gewena Stone Manufaktur was founded in 1993 by Gerald Wernig and is located in Laufen, Bavaria, Germany. In the early years, the focus was initially on the field of rock design and the development of stone panels. In the meantime, the product range has matured: By now wall coverings made of stone, wood, even moss, glass and plaster are available. In addition, the flame-retardant and environmentally friendly wall panels are available in a wide range of designs and variations, so that almost every customer taste can be catered for. Gewena’s customer base ranges from well-known companies from the fashion industry to hotels to cruise ships.



We will not leave you alone after your order 

The dispatch of our samples is always done with originals

Option 1: we will guide you through the installation process by providing you with detailed installation videos and Assembly Instructions. 
Option 2: we will take over the installation process

Here we will provide you detailled instructions on
– How to assemble the panels around corners
– How does the coloring process work
– How to cut the panels to size