Brooklyn elegant brickwall Fireproof IMO Certification 3D Panel Walls

A brick wall with the name Brooklyn is more than just a brick wall. The name is not accidentally related to New York, because this is a real brick wall as in the big city of New York.

Harmonious bricks are laid in a bond and then well closed with a joint compound.

This brick – wall Brooklyn.

Character is that the bricks and the joint harmoniously together form the wall.

Brick wall Brooklyn has a subtle and calming effect, is not intrusive and fits into any room.

Colours in nuances bring a really beautiful play on the stone wall. All brick have the same size in correct position to the next. Brooklyn is a elegant possibility of brick.

The brickwall of gewena is a fireproof panelsystem refers to a fireproof building material or system for wall construction that is made of concrete and glass and designed for easy installation. The use of panels or modular components makes the system quick and simple to install, while the fireproof nature of the panels provides increased safety and protection against fire.

The Brick Bronx refers to a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York City. It is known for its brick buildings and row houses, which are a characteristic feature of the architecture in the area. The Brick Bronx is a popular residential neighborhood that is home to a diverse community of residents and is known for its vibrant street life and strong sense of community. The neighborhood is located in the West Bronx and is close to many cultural attractions, parks, and recreational areas, making it a desirable place to live for many New Yorkers.

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No Polyster


Solely Mineral Raw Materials

Cold Resistant

Water Resistant

Indistinguishable From Veneer System every Colour you wish

"Our designs are individual, we can create any color and form you desire. Feel free to communicate your wishes. There are no limits! "

Mediterranean Walls


In Italy, the idea for the wall panel Tuscany was born. At Piestone model Tuscany is imitated from the region of arches and old houses. Deep joints highlight the stones

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