18. Januar 2021
Mediterranean stone wall

Mediterranean stone wall


Today we present you  our mediterranean stone wall Catalanya. A region in  Spain.

This stone wall connects Spain with a vacation greeting at home. There are countless ways to create this wall for home. The  feeling of  the  sea, many  sun and  warmly are´s.  

Stone wall Catalanya is a  mediterranean  stone wall with large stones up to 30 cm and a well grouted joint. Installation is simple and can be installed by any private person.We cut your wall  in our company, colour your stonewall in your style and  send  this with a  plan of panels and  all details for the installation to your project.

The stone panels of Piestone

The stone panels are incombustible, as only mineral materials are used. There is no smell of polyester or other unpleasant odors. No – even the putty is free of odors. The colors that are free to choose – are also pure dispersion and silicate paints – as desired.

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