Jerney Rockstone Fireproof IMO Certification 3D Panel Walls

This type of rock is the most effective of its kind. Deep cuts and a strong rock surface make this type of rock to auniqe part of the european alps.

A rock panel system from Gewena for a cruise liner is likely a type of fireproof wall or ceiling panel made to look like natural rock or stone. These panels can be used to add a decorative touch to the interior of the ship while also providing fire protection. They are made of fire-resistant materials and are designed to slow down or stop the spread of fire in the event of an emergency, helping to keep passengers and crew safe. The specific design and materials used will depend on the specific requirements of the ship and relevant fire safety regulations. Gewena can help you in fireproof panels with special design

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No Polyster


Solely Mineral Raw Materials

Cold Resistant

Water Resistant

Indistinguishable From Veneer System every Colour you wish

"Our designs are individual, we can create any color and form you desire. Feel free to communicate your wishes. There are no limits! "

Design Walls


The 3D wall panel system „Piestone Design“ made of fiber-reinforced plaster are a great solution for interior design. There are 8 different designs available, the color of which can be

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