26. Januar 2021
A brick wall for homes

Brick wall for homes

Brick wall for home - Do it yourself, but how ?

Brick walls are manufactured by us in panels and interlocked prepared for easy installation.

With this you can close the joint with a supplied compound and after drying the supplied paint is applied and ready.

We can currently offer you 5 models:

Brick wall Bronx
A brick with a deep joint. Old bricks in worn condition are laid in bond and look really cool for a loft.

Brick wall Manhattan
in small brick with little joint. Almost without joint but looks really old

Brick wall Brooklyn
Brick with high filled joint. Has a subtle and refined effect.

Brick wall Venezia
New brick with deep joint. Loft brick or a typical brick for new apartments.

Brick wall London
a clinker brick. Quite smooth and angular. A typical clinician with a good proportion of joints.

All these brick walls are interlocked. are colored according to customer requirements and made to measure.

Make to measure means in the brick wall – we cut the brick wall panels exactly to measure and then they are numbered. So the brick wall can be mounted on the wall exactly according to the plan.

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