18. Januar 2021
Stones for the exterior wall​

Stones for the exterior wall

In the facade area outside there are some rules to follow.

The stones must be made of concrete and real color pigments (not painted goods as in the hardware store).

The adhesive must be flexible so that frost and sun and water have no chance.

The wall must be pre-filled with a 300 gram mesh so that the surface bond is given.

Deep primer must be used so that the loose parts are bound and so that the wall can also hold the adhesive.

Artificial stones from 40 to 60 kg are really artificial stones that are really also made of cement, sand, lecaton and color pigments. This is a small indication of this.

Stones can be laid with or without a joint.

It is important that the adhesive is applied thickly to the stone surface and that the adhesive escapes on all sides. So that there is no cavity between them.

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