Marsalla Fireproof IMO Certification 3D Panel Walls

The typical mediterranean stonewall of Sicily. Like the wine of marsala – harmfully and warm- the stones are also harmoniously integrated into the mediterranean mural. Colors are typical in ocer and grey. Marsala stonewall give you a italian feeling like in your holiday´s.

Fireproof panel systems are used in ships, including cruise liners, to protect against the spread of fire. These systems are made of fire-resistant materials that are designed to slow down or stop the spread of fire in the event of an emergency. The panels are typically installed in walls, ceilings, and other areas of the ship to provide a barrier that helps to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. The specific design and materials used for a fireproof panel system will vary depending on the requirements of the ship and the regulations that it must comply with.

Stone panels of Gewena are made of pieces of stone that are used as decorative or functional elements in building design. Stone panels can be used for walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, and other applications.

They offer a durable and attractive finish and can add texture, color, and style to any room. Stone panels of gewena are made of concrete glass and glass strings.

More Detail

No Polyster


Solely Mineral Raw Materials

Cold Resistant

Water Resistant

Indistinguishable From Veneer System every Colour you wish

"Our designs are individual, we can create any color and form you desire. Feel free to communicate your wishes. There are no limits! "

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