Concrete wall in modern style Fireproof IMO Certification 3D Panel Walls

Concrete stonepanel in woodlook design. The panel is available in two sizes concret 160 cm and 230 cm , so you can design your wall in many possiblities- mostly from down to up .

The concret stonepanel looks like a wall with woodboards in different width and a little different in the heigh of the boards. This make the stonewall unique and great.

You can fix it on all kind of walls. wood, concret, brick, gipsum,alu, iron, glass…… whatever you have.

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No Polyster


Solely Mineral Raw Materials

Cold Resistant

Water Resistant

Indistinguishable From Veneer System every Colour you wish

"Our designs are individual, we can create any color and form you desire. Feel free to communicate your wishes. There are no limits! "

Design Walls


Sahara, like the desert sand, marked by the sun and the dryness of the harsh desert winds. But equally warm and delicate, like soft sand in the sun. This desert

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