18. Januar 2021
Fireproof panels for wall design

Fire panels for wall design

No plastic is used.

Piestone is a brand of Gewena. These Piestone stone panels have a classification of A1.

This classification is obtained only if the product is made exclusively from mineral materials.

No plastic or plastic fiber is used in the process.

Only cement, glass bodies in the form of small mini spheres, quartz sand, fireclay and glass threads are used.

This gives incombustibility of stone panels, breathability in the form of diffusion of vapor and no mold behind the panels.

No odor and no allergic reactions occur. We have been using the panel since 1995 and we have been able to improve the formulations again and again.

We have even developed panels for indoor fireplaces that can withstand up to 600 degrees rapid temperature change.

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